Thursday, June 25, 2015

Writing is good

Lately, I interested in antagonist role. And i think how would me tackle readers. I would like try writing the role of a spiteful psycho. On the outside, she/he looks like a very nice person but if you get to know him, he’s a mysterious psycho. At present, I can only imagine it and I think it will be fun. I like music too and try to composing...but its quit hard because Im lazy and dont like arranging. Because of that I always cant finish my song. How pitiful. But when it comes to writing, there are many things to feel about it and it’s good. I merely thought, “eventhough my novel does not work out then I have to try again. It doesn’t mean that if you cannot do this, then you won’t be getting this.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Various emotions

I’ve seen in the news when people walk for exercise at the national park, it seems very interesting. The atmosphere is so wonderful. Deeply thought, everybody must take care a good health. Well, anybody who's turning 30? im much that we thought about the life we live? “How many times do you look up at the sky each day?” "How many times you read tafsir, books or articles? Think about it. Then, you will get the answer. You will have a good opportunity to think about the various emotions of life’s experiences.

The Song

Kuala Lumpur december 2014, with 3 hours left until the new year, in the midnight, Setapak always still the same. Packed with people. Im driving to chalet Port Dickson. I'd love to see the ocean again. Hoping the new year will be a happy one. Then, I saw him. Isn't fate mysterious? Here is the latest song from full hopes and dreams.

Friday, June 19, 2015

The answer

He was always became like this after a trip. Adam ran out. Theres a skinny women looked away. She tried to avoid Adam gaze. She knows him from dejavu. It hurt. It pathetic too.This was the true colour Adam. This darker side of him. The kindness was just another mask. "If you feel in vain, let them go!" skinny women shouting. “What do I want you to say? Say Adam. "Close you eyes when the winter fall, then you can find the answer!" ask skinny women. "Ac choo.." goes Adam.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A moment In Thailand

Finally, I took my friend to one of the best place to see their culture and the beach. Which is the most famous beach in Thailand. Right after we entered the beach, my friend got excited by the wonderful sounds of beach. It was refreshing to see my friend happy faces all day long. I love this beach. To me, Koh Samui looks like a lot of teeth. Walking staight to the beach. Then decided to walking along the street across the beach. My eyes were caught by some souvenir postal cards at shoplots.I take 19 different with a nice scenery of Koh Samui. Spread in the large banqueting hall of the hotel and made a very pretty sight. Here I had my first introduction to Thai cooking and drinks. Im very hungry and here it became necessary for me. Bring into use for the first time the little Thai I knew in order to find fantastic for coffee and some ruji's food I could get. That one can be reasonably I guess. This, my first meal in Thailand, cost me a bath, a price which I have learned to divide by two, with good results.

Love concept

He sticking out his tongue! Is he also had a sense of humor?Maybe to be imitating. Deeply is gesture that street walking prostitutes use to signal. Ah...whatever! I think his charm was dazzling. The woman who marries him is a very blessed woman. He is really an attractive guy. "Honey...what kind of charm a man are you?" In my eyes, he has an achromatic charm. His personality is colorful like rainbows in a drawing paper, he seem like an idealist person who can fuse in strong points. Innocent by day, sexy everytime. Yeah..this kind of stuff. It’s good if he has a modern appearance but that is not all that I will be looking for. Firstly, the most important thing is the family environment. A person who receives a lot of love from his family is good. When looking for love, that is a very important element. In one way for another, children will be heavily influenced by their parents. My concept of love and relationship with the opposite sex will also seem to change. After experiencing such an intense love, my view on love would have also changed! Love…it’s difficult. It’s tough. Though you may have decided on it, you may not have it your way. The thing that is more difficult that work is love. If you do meet someone you really love, give your everything. Just go for it.Become naturally giving your all…that is love.