Saturday, May 23, 2015

I'm happy

The weather seems dark. The rain is falling. Yeah, I like this kind of weather. Then, myself will share a cup of coffee and a bowl of ramen. lodging and fell into deep thoughts while having a cup of coffee, so I could not sleep and felt tired the following day. To put it precisely, I feel inadequate in the things which I’m doing. The environment which had forced you to mature ahead of your age. And..people’s behavior is very different depending on the age. Someone who will read another person’s expressions. To put it in a nice way, it means I look at situations and read people’s expressions. I think it’s necessary to use the way I look at others to also look at myself. If I had invested a little bit more in myself, I would have found the ways to be happy. Though, I may not have lived for a long time, I lived my life thinking that I am living it the right way. I was confident and adamant in the life I was living. Writing helped me a lot. It was the time when I was writing poetry. In the midst of a restless heart, I found a certain degree of comfort in writing. While writing that poetry, I was able to feel lighthearted. Writing poetry to me,was a piece of work which gave me pleasure and confidence. Yeah..i want to keep questioning..If you could go back to the past, how would you live for yourself? I believed that when I see someone else being happy, that is happiness to me.The aroma of nostalgia. I am happy these days. The right way to put it instead of saying that I’m happy is that I feel peaceful. I have put down many things and I am giving up on or letting go of many things.

White Feathers

白い羽根が舞いおちる部屋の中で彼は絵を画く 眺めのよい窓は閉ざしたまま 鳥の絵を 部屋のすみには足をつながれた鳥が 必死に羽ばたき 彼はそれを悲しげに見つめては 彼女に想いをはせて Will you please tell me the way to the sky すぐそばに今存るのに Will you please tell me the way to the sky 遠のいて行く とどかないもっと高く …今が昼なのか夜なのかさえ解らない… 幾つもの夜を越えて ふいに彼は重い窓を開けた 太陽と風が部屋に広がり 彼を外へつれ去った Will you please tell me the way to the sky 舞い・がる 風の中 Will you please tell me the way to the sky 閉ざしたまま 羽根は広がらず落ちて行く It look like white feathers 少しの歪みの後に全てを知る 叶わぬ事をWill you please tell me the way to the sky すぐそばに存るのに Will you please tell me the way to the sky 指先さえ ふれられない Will you please tell me the way to the sky ・の鳥のように この地につながれている Will you please tell me the way to the sky ・・ 空は何も変わらず そこにいた

My Dear

Menaiki dan menuruni kapal angkut. Dari Januari hingga Disember. Ia berulang dan tetaplah berulang pada setiap tahun. Menunggu dia dari musim sejuk sehingga musim luruh yang kering. Pada setiap kalinya menunggu dan mencari. Walaupun pada setiap kalinya aku berusaha mencari namun masih tidak menemuinya. Dan sehingga kini tiada lawatan dan percutian. Malah, disini juga sudah tiada tempat menarik untuk dilewati. Ya, aku hanya ingin ke Osaka bersamanya. Bersantai di pulau dan berpacaran di pinggiran sungai kuno di bandar Jepun. Ah..kepedihan ini tidak akan pernah berakhir. Dan sekiranya aku menemuinya, kepedihan ini tidak akan pernah ditunjukkan. Ya, sayangku..semoga bertemu dihujung waktu.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Heartwarming support

Time is really something that passes by so fast. Recently, I have finished my script and I am now preparing for my upcoming novels. I hope you will also give lots of support! Thank you. To all my friend, (writers)...we, more than anyone, we’ve walked on the rough road together. More than any other writers, more than anyone, and we’ve spent a hard time, on the other hand we’re strong. It was really hard, we’re always branded as swords but YES, FIGHTING all the way!!!

Friday, May 1, 2015


Im with a cup smelling hard dark coffee. Still. So cold in the rain. It's get my heart injured. But never fear. Just be safe and healthy. Eat well, rest easy, sleep peacefully. And you? Are you enjoying yourself? How it is? Still trolling again? Oh...the conclusion..In the name of Allah, stop asking, arguments and fighting. But, learn how to love and understand each other.

To feel peace

After 4 to 7 years of wandering, life is becoming more pleasing. In the early days of my younger life, I tasted success but it was a very difficult process. I did not have time. From then on, I had a strong will to earn money so life was dull. Now, I tried looking for something which I could comfortably enjoy and tried to feel the peace. This is life. Everything must goes to Allah. And i believe in him. He kept the promise!