Thursday, April 30, 2015


Im with a cup smelling hard dark coffee. Still. So cold in the rain. It's get my heart injured. But never fear. Just be safe and healthy. Eat well, rest easy, sleep peacefully. And you? Are you enjoying yourself? How it is? Still trolling again? Oh...the conclusion..In the name of Allah, stop asking, arguments and fighting. But, learn how to love and understand each other.

To feel peace

After 4 to 7 years of wandering, life is becoming more pleasing. In the early days of my younger life, I tasted success but it was a very difficult process. I did not have time. From then on, I had a strong will to earn money so life was dull. Now, I tried looking for something which I could comfortably enjoy and tried to feel the peace. This is life. Everything must goes to Allah. And i believe in him. He kept the promise!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Train trip

When the hearts still have the love where to thrown away? If there is a chance, it would be nice to go on a train trip with our beloved. And to do outer space travel with them. Because we walked this path together. So every time is like a dream. Our hearts is always been filled.


Al yaum yaumul Jumaat. Al haafilah raqm 'asyarah. Ba'da asri daqaa'iq. Rihlah waahidah min fadhlik! Ilal maidan. Hal kullu syay'in bilkhoir? An zuru bil aini. Asma'u bil uzuni Atakallamu bil fammi. Amsyii bir rijli. Aktubu bil yad. Atanaffas bil anfiwar ri'atain. Adhuqu at-ta'am tha'mu bil lisaan. Fii ana amaanillah. Amin ya rab.

Song by him

A French olive oil greasy looking...with a transparent voice, wrapped softly. Yes! its deep! The beautiful husky voice. Its song feeling like a soft breeze, calming people’s heart. Its made together with his heart. It has sweet lyrics that soften your heart, and the acoustic guitar music is so impressive. This song actually can be the reason that your lives can become a little happier. Just a moment.. If i wake up early.. it’s came cross to me, by a fresh mood.. So calming just play this song.. is perfect for it! Listen to it while breathing in the crisp air..of course must listen before sleep, and can sleep with a nice feeling. It will be able to have a nice dream. Yeah...whenever 'he' compose a song it would become great. As always! Compose song with a great lyric.

New shadow face

He sang. Always. Sing, sang, sung. He sang like the taste from the sea. Feeling like rainbow. How a great combination melody and husky voice. And i kept the melody deeply in my heart. yeah..i has feeling. Because i always feel you in me. 7 times. Like drag me to the heaven. But shown new shadow face!

Friday, April 24, 2015

The truth feeling

Listen to this song before I sleep, gives me this special feeling Yeah.. the fresh feeling in the morning. The nature you see, seems to change. Life's so mysteries, I can feel. I observe where the person who has a deep and warm heart to their family and to others. even their heart is full of tears from their past. They remains strong and fighting to all obstacless in life. What the killer smile and flaming personality. Make all of age fall in love with them. Congrats! Congrats! Congrats..I can feel you. Waiting for this time. Tap..tap..tap..with my step! Now the truth is mine!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

H Angel

 Bintang ini masih tetap mampu beraksi cemerlang. Mempersembahkan warna pelanginya melalui alunan berfrekuensi lebih 12hz. Ya!pastilah melajukan degupan jantung semua mendengarnya! Sebentar lagi tentu ada saja yang mengganas dan menjadi liar! Hai manusia, sudahlah ia berada di padang tandus. Meladeni muzik kosong. Oh tuhanku. Semoga ada satu lagi keajaiban selepas Cat Steven. Menggunakan bakat mewah itu untuk berbakti meniti ke siratul mustaqim. "...Dan dunia bukanlah tempat untuk bermain-main dan senda gurau belaka" -An'am.